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Benefits of Cryotherapy

Benefits of Cryotherapy
Train harder, recover faster, perform better

Before training: Cool down instead of warming up

Everyone who is working out is moving and everyone who is moving is producing heat. Our body tries to regulate this heat by lowering the core temperature and enhances the blood circulation in our skin and limbs. This means, by implication, a weaker blood circulation of our muscular system which causes a decrease of our athletic performance. One way to counteract – or at least delay – this process is to lower the core temperature in another way. The solution for this are whole body cryo chambers. In contrast to traditional cold therapy, they do not only cool down the skin temperature but affect the whole body. This makes them way more effective and leads to top results in no time. If they are used preventive before the actual game, they lead to a greater endurance and long-lasting power. The cool temperature of the cryo chamber not only helps to regulate the body’s own energy production but also lowers the environmental heat load. This way athletes can draw throughout the game from the energy they have saved in the beginning..

During training: Boost your performance

Only 2-3 minutes with LifeCube are enough for an effective cryo therapy. So why not make use of the half-time break and mobilize your forces to gain another energy boost? The extremely low temperatures of -80°C inside the LifeCube chamber can result in an improvement of the muscle’s blood flow, an increase in the oxygen absorption, and a temporary release of endorphins. This short but very intensive cryotraining is so effective that top-athletes do not only use it during the half time, but up to five times a day with the aim of generating a better performance in the long run.

After training: Cryotherapy for muscle regeneration

This cold application can be used before, during, or after the training or sport event to boost the performance or facilitate regeneration processes. Our body reacts to low temperatures with a mobilization of its immune system and an increase of its muscle’s blood circulation. Toxic substances, lactates, and inflammatory substances, which arise from frequent muscle contractions, can thus be broken down and removed from the body much quicker. This can result in athletes regenerating faster, suffering seldom from DOMS and being ready to exercise again in no time.

After injuries: Get better sooner with cryotherapy

Whole body cryotherapy is not only used during the active training, but also afterwards in case of sport injuries. Its goal is to improve the well-being, to relieve the pain, and to reduce the inflammations. Since cold leads in general to a release of endorphins and anti-inflammatories, it causes a reduction of swellings and pain. For this reason, cryotherapy is often used in combination with other therapeutic treatments to facilitate the healing process or to shorten downtimes after sports injuries or certain surgical procedures.

Applications and benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy

What is whole body cryotherapy?

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is used in medicine, for regeneration and to improve efficiency and performance in
professional sports.
Developed in Japan in 1980, it is regarded as one of the most effective physical therapy options for rheumatic diseases.
In the very short treatment time of just a few minutes, the clients experience temperatures down to -110 °C/-170 °F. After a medical check, the user enters a chamber with cold air down to -110 °C/- 170 °F and remains in the chamber up to 3 minutes..

Application fields - Orthopaedics

For the treatment of…

• pain, like back, shoulder or hip pain
• Swelling and inflammation after operation for example


• support the post-operative rehabilitation, for example after hip, knee, shoulder endoprosthetic
• for possible delay of endoprosthetic interventions
• support for the preparation of physiotherapy for muscle building



For the treatment of…

• inflammatory, degenerative and soft-tissue rheumatic diseases
• muscle tension


• improving angle of motion
• support for muscle building
• improving motivation for active participation in physiotherapy
• reducing consumption of analgesics and antirheumatics doses, and thus reducing the risk of “side effects“
• systemic inflammation inhibition


For the treatment of…

• psoriasis (with or without joint involvement)
• neurodermatitis
• sclerormatitis
• other inflammatory skin diseases


• reducing or relieving of respective symptoms, such as skin redness and itch


For the treatment of…

• multiple sclerosis
• spastic states
• impaired locomotor coordination


• Regulation of muscle tone after cerebral palsy
• improving cortical functions, such as association and coordination skills



For the treatment of…

• depressive states


• psychophysical performance stimulation
• promoting well-being


Treatment Preparation

If the patient passes the medical check successfully, the observer instructs the user regarding the treatment.


Before entering the whole body cryotherapy chamber, the user must:
o Remove any jewelry, watches, glasses, etc.
o Ensure, that the skin is dry and preferably not freshly greased

The patient enters the whole body cryotherapy chamber wearing:

o Swimwear
o Mouthguards
o Akren protection
o Ear protection
o Gloves
o Socks
o Closed shoes (without metal)

Please enter and leave the chamber quickly

Behaviour in the chamber:

> Please move your body,
> Please keep your breathing calm
> Breathe in through your nose, breathe out through your mouth
> If you don‘t feel well, leave the chamber immediately
> Please leave the chamber, when the lights are blinking, and the observer gives you a sign.

Treatment hints

o Regular contact: User  should feel comfortable and remain for 3 minutes, when the supervisior gets in touch by signs or microphone.
o Keep moving: If music is playing, the should user keeps moving.
o Time check: User feels comfortable, if the supervisor tells the remaining time every 30 seconds.
o Treatment time: As has been proved, there is no benefit to a treatment time more than 3 minutes.
o Close the door: Never open two doors at the same time!
o Best results: Serial application with one or two treatments per day for several days (depending on indication).
o Take a break: Wait 3 – 4 hours between two treatment sessions.

Application of whole body cryotherapy
Our innovative cooling technology is used in various disciplines.
Here is an extract of the application fields in medical sector:

• Orthopaedics
• Rheumatology
• Sports medicine
• Pain therapy
• Physiotherapy
• Dermatology
• Accident surgery
• Neurology
• Psychology/Psychiatry

Application fields - Sport/Training

For the treatment of…

• sport injuries


• performance improvement
• shortening the recovery period after athletic effort
• prevention of injuries


For the treatment of…

• limited mobility
• muscle stimulation


• performance improvement
• improvement of angular movement
• reduce of pain
• muscle relaxiation
• support for muscle building


Pain therapy

For the treatment of…

• pain from the skeletal and muscular system

Benefit :

reducing or relieving:
• intractable back and
• joint pain as well as
• phantom pain or
• other chronic pain conditions

Application fields of whole body cryotherapy

Our innovative cooling technology is used in various disciplines.
Here is an extract of the application fields in aesthetic-cosmetic sector:

• skin firming
• cellulite reduction
• fat burning support
• improving the skin profile


Accident Surgery

For the treatment of…

• trauma surgery on the bone system


• rehabilitation support
• a faster reduction of swelling after injuries or surgical interventions

Treatment session

Treatment sequence – Double chamber system

1. step: the patient enters pre-chamber (approx. -60°C /-76 °F), remains
there for approx. 10 seconds

2. step: the patient enters main-chamber (approx. -110 °C/-170 °F),
remains there max. 3 minutes, he should move and walk in a circle

3. step: the patient leaves the main chamber quickly

Quality certificate

The fulfilment of the quality requirements and the individual wishes of our customers are our performance standard.
Compliance with legal requirements and standards, such as ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 13485:2012 and the Chemicals Climate Protection Ordinance, as well as internal company requirements are self-evident. Our products are certified with Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

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